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      Company 2017 annual production safety work video meeting

      On March 16, the company 2017 annual production safety video conference was held in funing in jiangsu province. Company deputy general manager, chief engineer ShiHui always attend the meeting and made important speech.

      Conference, ShiHui always conveys China's three gorges new energy company about safety in production work instructions. Then, in 2017 to the company safety management goal, responsibility division, the key work, responsibility, rewards and punishments, etc, to do the detailed work report, asking people to strengthen the alertness and attention and strengthen the responsibility consciousness of rule of law, norms, rules and regulations to implement promotion execution and chase asked responsibility, to ensure security compliance control throughout the year.

      ShiHui emphasised, determined to improve and implement the party and government with the principal, a pair of responsibilities, negligence liability safe production responsibility system, to support safety of science and technology, to safety production, in order to promote the development of production, its new development train of thought, strengthen the safety management, to implement the supervision and administration of production safety responsibility into the situation of performance appraisal, the poor performance of the duties or accident impact, performance appraisal is not scoring, annual appraisal appraisal assessment implementation of one ticket veto .

      All the committee members, research and development management, quality management center, administrative center, security department head to attend the meeting.

      Company deputy general manager, chief engineer ShiHui always make important speech

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