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      Huaneng offshore wind power project reverse balance flange exchange meeting

         On July 23, 2020, Jinhai Co., Ltd. held an exchange meeting on reverse balance flange of Huaneng offshore wind power project in Funing, Jiangsu Province. Expert representatives from China Huaneng Jiangsu clean energy branch, Huaneng qingneng Institute, Xi'an Thermal Engineering Institute, China Railway Construction port and Waterway Bureau, first navigation bureau of China Communications, China electric power construction China Exploration Institute and other units attended the meeting.

         At the meeting, chairman and general manager of Jinhai Co., Ltd. Yang Zhou introduced the company's relevant situation. Zhang Mingyi, chief engineer of Jinhai Co., Ltd., introduced in detail the technical scheme and product advantages of reverse balance flange of Jinhai offshore wind power Co., Ltd., and accompanied him to visit the workshops of Jiangsu Jinhai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., welding robot, anti rust anchor bolt production line for offshore wind power.

         After listening to the relevant introduction and visiting the manufacturing workshop, relevant experts such as China Huaneng, China Railway Construction and China Communications first navigation bureau affirmed the technical innovation of Jinhai production capacity and reverse balance flange of offshore wind power.

         Shi Hui, Wang Haigang, deputy general managers of the company, and the main persons in charge of relevant technical and functional departments attended the meeting.

      Technical exchange (Fig. 1)

      Welding robot (Fig. 2)

      Antirust anchor bolt for offshore wind power (Fig. 3)

      Manufacturing workshop (Figure 4)

      Manufacturing workshop (Figure 5)

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