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      Jinhai held the working meeting of marketing center in 2021

          On March 2, the 2021 working meeting of Jinhai marketing management center was held in Funing. The meeting thoroughly implemented the spirit of the general manager's office meeting of Inner Mongolia Jinhai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., comprehensively summarized the marketing achievements in 2020, and systematically planned the work tasks in 2021. Shen Weiming, Shi Hui and Wang Haigang, deputy general managers of the company, attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Xing Jie, director of Jinhai marketing management center.


          Shen Weiming, deputy general manager of the joint stock company, delivered a keynote speech entitled clear goals, unite efforts, never forget the original intention, forge ahead. In the keynote speech, President Shen fully affirmed the achievements of the marketing work of the joint stock company. He pointed out that enterprises are the main body of the market, and the market is the foundation for the survival and development of enterprises. Marketing is the key link to ensure the smooth operation of enterprises, realize the value-added of products and enhance the value of enterprises. It is also a strategic and overall work related to the high-quality development of enterprises. During the fourteenth five year plan period, the joint stock company will continue to deepen the understanding of market rules, pay more attention to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, firmly realize and improve the market strategy, deeply promote the marketing reform of market-oriented big customers (group customers), conquer the sales of five big and four small power generation groups and other big customers, and spare no effort to improve the market response ability and efficiency level, so as to promote the market development The continuous growth of marketing scale and the continuous strengthening of team building have played an important role in ensuring the smooth operation of the company's industrial chain and the realization of the overall value. In 2021, the marketing center should unify its thinking, recognize the situation clearly, strengthen the sales of fully prestressed concrete tower based on the sales of reverse balanced flange and prestressed anchor bolt assembly, and earnestly implement the spirit of general manager office meeting of Jinhai Co., Ltd.


          At the meeting, the leaders of the joint stock company made speeches respectively, talked freely about the feelings of participating in the meeting, affirmed the responsibility of the marketing team and the ability of the marketers, expressed that they were excited by the marketing achievements we have made in the past, and also put forward new requirements for the marketing methods and production and operation.

          At the meeting, the participants also reported and expressed their positions respectively, saying that they would earnestly perform their duties, thoroughly implement the spirit of the marketing meeting, further strengthen their personal business level, and spare no effort to achieve their personal performance goals and the overall performance goals of the marketing center.

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