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      Jinhai held technical seminar in 2021

            On March 3, the 2021 technical seminar of Jinhai Co., Ltd. was successfully held, with the main venue of Funing in Jiangsu Province and the sub venue of Baotou in Inner Mongolia. Yang Zhou, chairman and general manager of Jinhai company, Ma renle, Professor of Tongji University, Huang Dongping, expert, leaders of joint stock company, main leaders of production base, tower tube company and other secondary units and department heads attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Shi Hui, deputy general manager of the company.

      Main venue of technical seminar (Funing)

      Shi Hui, deputy general manager of Jinhai shares, presided over the meeting

            During the seminar, the participants listened to the production capacity analysis report of Baotou and Jiangsu production bases, and discussed the problems and solutions in the production, transportation and installation of the technology, process and quality of the company's main products, such as reverse balance flange and prestressed anchor bolt assembly. It also discusses the trend of large-scale wind turbine, the cost optimization of traditional products, and the planning and suggestions for the future wind power structure research and development direction.

            At the meeting, Professor Ma renle gave technical comments and guidance on the welding process and anti deformation measures at the joints of anchor plate, stiffening plate, flange plate and tube section plate mentioned by technical personnel. He said that we should seek innovation in practice, seize the opportunity in innovation, and actively research and develop large-scale and large-diameter connection products for offshore wind turbines; he affirmed the prospect of replaceable prestressed anchor bolts in the wind power market, and the anti fatigue performance of the products was relatively good, and its anti fatigue performance advantage was relatively prominent compared with the same products in the market. At the same time, Professor Ma also affirmed the concrete tower products of Jinhai Co., Ltd., and suggested that the technology be used in housing construction, elevator shaft and other projects.

            At the meeting, Chairman Yang Zhou analyzed and commented on various technical solutions, expressed his gratitude for the achievements we have made over the years, and hoped that we should dare to innovate in product quality improvement, technical innovation, process optimization, technical guidance, technical service, cost control and other aspects, and go deep into every small link in management, so as to strengthen Jinhai brand.

            After the meeting, the leaders of the joint stock company accompanied Professor Ma renle to visit the factory in Jiangsu.

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