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      Regular meeting of safety production in the first quarter of the company

      On the afternoon of March 30, the company held the regular meeting of safety production in the first quarter. Based on the review and analysis of recent work safety, the next step of work safety was deployed and the work safety during the coming Qingming Festival holiday was required. The meeting was presided over by Shi Hui, Secretary of the Party branch and deputy general manager of the company, Lu Ping, director of the company's Quality Center, Zhou Guojun, director of the administrative center, heads of all departments and business units of the production system Comrades in charge of work safety attended the meeting.


      At the meeting, Yang Jun, assistant director of the safety and environmental protection department of the company, delivered the work safety documents of the provincial government, reported the implementation of work safety inspection and rectification in the first quarter, and reported on work safety education and training and key work measures of work safety in 2021. At the meeting, responsible persons of all departments and comrades in charge of work safety of all business units exchanged views on key work safety in the near future.


      At the meeting, the comrades in charge of work safety of all business units made a statement. After the meeting, they immediately implemented the spirit of the meeting, rectified the problems existing in work safety management, strictly implemented the key points and regulations of work safety management of the company, and fully cooperated with the company to complete the annual work goal of safe and civilized production in 2021.

      Shi Hui pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the main responsibility of safety production, so as to achieve clear hierarchy, clear responsibilities, clear counterpart, covering the whole staff, and accurately control the supervision and management work of various departments and business units, as well as the safety production responsibility of the production line teams and groups; in particular, the production line departments should implement the responsibility to each link, each process and each post, so as to truly ensure that all staff have responsibility and everyone falls behind Real. It is necessary to do a solid job in the propaganda work of enterprise safety production and incorporate the work of safety production into the annual important assessment index. At the meeting, Shi Hui interpreted the amendment to the criminal law of the people's Republic of China and the amendment to the law of the people's Republic of China on work safety in detail, requiring everyone to "know awe, guard against fear and keep the bottom line", and stressed the precautions and protective measures for work safety in spring.

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