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      Jinhai held the second quarter technical exchange meeting

                On May 10, the architectural design and Research Institute of Tongji University, Tongji Jinhai wind power structure R & D center and Inner Mongolia Jinhai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. held the technical exchange meeting in the second quarter of 2021 in Shanghai. Ma renle, he Minjuan and he Guirong, professors of Tongji University, and Yang Zhou, chairman and general manager of Jinhai Co., Ltd. attended the meeting to jointly look forward to the future of the industry and promote the technical development of reverse balance flange, prestressed anchor bolt assembly and prefabricated prestressed concrete wind turbine tower. The meeting was presided over by Shi Hui, deputy general manager of Jinhai Co., Ltd.

               Based on the principle of openness and hand in hand, we conducted in-depth analysis on the problems existing in the application of the company's products in wind power projects, including the technical transformation and upgrading of old wind power projects, the improvement test of reverse balanced flange welding process, the welding technology of flange plate and tube joint, the welding technology of flange plate and stiffener plate This paper puts forward the solutions to the related application problems such as bolt over tension technology, and puts forward the requirements and deployment for the future work.

               This exchange meeting fully affirmed the many excellent achievements of Jinhai Co., Ltd. and Tongji University under the close cooperation, and laid a certain foundation for building Jinhai brand. There is still room for improvement in technical cooperation. It is necessary to further strengthen technical exchanges, give full play to their respective advantages, exchange and complement resources, and do a good job in service in response to the national carbon peak and carbon neutral strategy, so as to further enhance the company's market competitiveness.

               Leaders of Tongji University, Tongji Jinhai wind power structure R & D center, Jinhai Co., Ltd. and other relevant units and departments attended the exchange meeting.

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