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      Study the centennial history of the party and stick to the original mission

      In order to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, give full play to the irreplaceable role of the red base in the party history learning and education activities, inherit and carry forward the party's fine tradition, on June 26, Jinhai stock Party branch, Zhongcheng Development Party branch, Jiangsu Jinhai Party branch and Jiangsu Jinhai trade union jointly launched a party history learning and education activity with the theme of learning the party history for a hundred years, adhering to the original mission. Party members of the Party branch and representatives of the trade union went to the memorial hall of the New Fourth Army in huanghuatang to visit and study, to carry out revolutionary tradition education, to cherish the memory of the revolutionary martyrs, to continue their spiritual blood, and to draw on the strength of struggle.

      Party members, cadres and trade union representatives visited the main Memorial Hall of the memorial hall of the New Fourth Army headquarters in huanghuatang and learned about the history of the formation and development of the New Fourth Army. The memorial hall displays full and accurate historical materials and rich contents, showing the military, political, economic, cultural and other aspects of the New Fourth Army during the period when the military headquarters of the new fourth army moved to huanghuatang. With the commentators, we listened to the history of the red Iron Army with reverence, which is a living history of the people's army, It is also a heroic and tragic history of Anti Japanese and national liberation. We listen carefully and review history with great emotion. In memory of the selfless dedication of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries, I feel the revolutionary spirit of the New Fourth Army fighting with the people and defending the country.

      Study the history of the party for one hundred years and stick to the original mission

      Representatives of Party members of all branches review the oath of joining the party

      During the activity, the party members reviewed the oath of joining the party in the face of the bright party flag. The solemnly raised right hand and sonorous words once again expressed their determination and desire to fight for the cause of the party for life. After the visit and study, everyone took a group photo at the memorial hall and said that they would inherit and carry forward the Iron Army spirit of the New Fourth Army, devote themselves to their work, integrate their own work with the Iron Army spirit, fulfill their duties in their respective posts, and strive to be an excellent Communist Party member.

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