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      Jinhai shares held centralized training for internal auditors.

      Recently, the Human Resources Department of Jinhai Co., Ltd. successfully held the first two-day intensive training for internal auditors of the quality management system to obtain evidence within the company. This training specially invited Mr. Lu, an expert from Yancheng Talent Jingang Education Technology Co., Ltd., as the keynote speaker, and conducted centralized training for more than 100 front-line managers and middle-level cadres of Jinhai Company. This training mainly includes the new standards, principles and requirements of quality management system, basic elements and methods of internal audit, guidelines for quality management system audit and other practical operation contents.

      During the training period, Mr. Lu taught the students the development process of the quality management system, the terminology of the quality management system, the five core tools of quality management, eight basic principles, internal audit skills and so on in simple language. The classroom adopts the methods of group discussion and practical evaluation, with a high participation rate of interaction between classes, serious and lively atmosphere.

      After the training, after a week-long review and knowledge consolidation, the Human Resources Department conducted a test and assessment on all participants on the afternoon of November 18th, 2021. The participants actively participated in and answered questions carefully, all of them successfully passed the test with ideal results, and gained the first internal auditor certificate issued by the company.

      Through this training, the trainees' in-depth understanding of quality management system standards and documents has been improved, and new backbone forces have been trained for the smooth operation and continuous improvement of the quality management system in the future. At the same time, it has laid a foundation for further improving the continuous improvement and improvement of the company's quality management system.

      It is expected that the second phase of training will be held in November 2022, and one week after the completion of all two-day training courses, the certification and assessment will be conducted. Depending on the assessment results, the company will issue the company's internal auditor certificate to qualified employees.

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