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      The 8th Staff Games of Jinhai Co., Ltd. and the 1st Joint Staff Games of Jinhai Co., Ltd., Zhongcheng Development Co., Ltd. and Guochang Wind Power Co., Ltd. were held in Funing, Jiangsu Province.

      On December 10th, in order to enrich the cultural life of enterprise employees, improve their physical quality, create a civilized, healthy and harmonious enterprise atmosphere, further display the brand-new mental outlook of enterprise employees, thoroughly implement the national strategy of national fitness for all, and promote the construction of healthy China. The 8th Staff Games of Jinhai and the 1st Joint Staff Games of Inner Mongolia Jinhai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Zhongcheng Fastening Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Guochang Wind Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. were held in Funing, Jiangsu. The first joint sports meeting of employees mainly focused on long-distance running in winter. Zhao Guanxing, deputy general manager of Zhongcheng Development, Sun Peng, general manager of Guochang Wind Power, and other leaders were invited to attend the first employee joint sports meeting.

      Wang Haigang, deputy general manager of Jinhai, delivered the opening speech. First of all, he wished everyone good results. At the same time, he also put forward requirements for participating employees. He hoped that through this joint sports meeting of employees, employees' physique could be enhanced, sportsmanship could be promoted, team centripetal force and cohesion could be increased, business development and win-win cooperation among enterprises could be better promoted, and the spirit of wind power people could be fully displayed.

      (Figure 1: Athletes' Style)

      On the competition field, the players from various enterprises are enthusiastic and have a high morale, which fully demonstrates the fighting spirit and positive good fashion of wind power people. The holding of this sports meeting not only enriched the cultural life of employees, but also stimulated their enthusiasm for fitness, and created a working atmosphere of unity and progress.

      (Figure 2: Athletes' Style)

      (Figure 3: Women's Team-Champion, Runner-up and Third-place Awards Site)

      (Figure 4: Men's Team-Champion, runner-up and third runner-up award site)

      (Figure 5: Incentive Award for Participating Workers to Run the Whole Course)

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