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        Human resources
      Talent strategy
      Recruitment Information
      Recruitment process
      Online recruitment
      Talent strategy

      Talent is the soul of business development. Over the years, Jinhai company recruit more rivers, a blend of the essence of the comprehensive introduction of various kinds of talents, adhere to the concept of innovation in the development process of the human resources, institutional norms, comprehensive service, unity, cooperation and talent to create an open, fair and impartial work environment and career stage, through internal promotion and external talent introduction combination, improve human resource management mechanism to promote outstanding talent, achieve effective development and rational allocation of human resources to achieve their fitness, Kong obtaining people the personnel appropriate human resources management purposes.
      Gimhae talent
      Talent is the fundamental enterprise development, is the first enterprise resources.
      Talent is the most precious and scarce resource.
      The modern enterprise competition in the final analysis is the talent competition. Who has talent, who will occupy the commanding heights of the competition in the market.
      Gimhae, gathering elite talent aircraft carrier.
      Talent Strategy
      Human resources strategy is an important part of the company's strategic development. "People-oriented" is the basic principles of the company's human resources strategy to attract the best talents to make good use of talent, retain talent, developing talent "is the core of the human resources strategy.
      1) to admire, Zhirenshanren;
      2) people-oriented, merit;
      3) user-friendly management expertise and resources;
      4) career development, and grow together;
      5) benefits to people, the cause of keeping.
      Human resource management mechanism
      Scientific human resource management mechanism is the fundamental guarantee of the company's human resources strategy. The company has always adhered to the establishment of a sound human resources management mechanism, development, competition, incentives and eliminate employment mechanism, to provide a broad space for career development for talented people.
      1) attract talents
      Nationally, talents of eclectic satisfied, Gimhae companies favor the rich young versatile talents to create passionate, to value positioning system through the introduction of market-oriented talents, establish a competitive remuneration system.
      2) use of personnel
      A high degree of emphasis on the final results of the work, is a fine style of the company's heritage. Effective result, achieve, in the the Gimhae company will constantly improve.

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